100% Contactless

Adapt to changing consumer expectations and operational requirements with GreenMenu 100% Contactless solutions.

0% Commission

We do not take a cut of each order placed, making this an affordable option for you (restaurants).

Increase Sales

GreenMenu makes it as easy as possible for your customers to order online. Which means more revenues and more growth.

Low Cost

Charge a fixed subscription fee that covers all monthly orders.

Your business at a glance

With our platform, we deliver transformative digital offerings that help you harness the power of innovation by creating
new ways of connect with your customers, data and processes.

Review Orders

Manage all of your orders in real-time on your dashboard.
Order details, customer’s information,delivery locations & much more…
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Analyse sales

Analyse your sales metrics at a glance with the GreenMenu dashboards. Use data to rediscover your business like never before.
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