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Online Ordering System
for Restaurants

Give your diners rich, interactive digital menus and an unparalleled ordering experience.

Boost restaurant profitability with these essentials

Online Ordering Platform

Everything you need to take orders directly from your webpage and apps, offer digital ordering from kiosks or phones. Go online today!

Delivery & Pickup Solution

Share your menu and manage your own Pickup and Delivery system to boost your profit and grow your business.

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Setup your game by setting up a Contactless Dining & Ordering experience.

Smart Menu

Engages with your customers and enhance their experience leading to increase in revenue.

Switch your successful restaurant business into more profitable

Comprehensive online ordering, customer data, profiling and integrated loyalty.

All with one goal: more revenue for your business.

That means no commissions to food marketplaces or aggregators, and the ability to build long-term, profitable relationship with your customers.

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Our pricing model is Simple, Transparent & Commission Free.
Billed Monthly Billed Yearly
5+ Outlets
AED199 AED2000
( Per Outlets )
Online Ordering Platform
Restaurant Microsite
Smart Menu
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Single Outlet
AED299 AED3000
( Per Outlet )
Online Ordering Platform
Restaurant Microsite
Smart Menu
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Upto 5 Outlets
AED249 AED2500
( Per Outlets )
Online Ordering Platform
Restaurant Microsite
Smart Menu
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What is GreenMenu?

GreenMenu is a leading Online Food Ordering Platform

We seamlessly connect customers with their favourite restaurants. It takes just a few taps from our platform to place an order through GreenMenu from your customer’s favourite place.

How long are the contracts?

They can be monthly or annual, depending on the subscription plan you choose. When the period ends, the contract gets renewed automatically, unless you request suspension 15 days before.

How is GreenMenu different from other online platforms?

GreenMenu provides you with a Microsite that you can connect through posting links on your social media accounts.


For example, you can share a link to your Instagram page and stories. Your followers can quickly browse your menu and order directly. It works the same way for all social networks.



You will not be charged any commissions.

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